María Inés Aguirre     1 MIA

There's a long history of painted keyboard instruments, but MIA is the first artist to have turned a superb Steinway concert grand piano into a three dimensional abstract painting which seeks to combine the sculptural form of a piano with the essence of music that is played on it. The name 'Dancing Soul' was inspired by the brilliant fusion of dance, music and visual art created by Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes.

MIA's sense of the connection between music and colour goes back to her childhood, when she often painted while her mother, a gifted pianist, played Mozart and Beethoven. This is one of the reasons why, for her, each colour expresses a sound and why 'Dancing Soul' is the culmination of her exploration of the relationship between music and painting.

"The wonderful painted Steinway by María Inés Aguirre (MIA) featured in this book, marks a culminating moment in a tendency that is increasingly manifesting itself. The colours and forms she has discovered to clothe this superb instrument express the soul of the music that is performed on it. Rather than looking for ways to decorate an instrument, as most of her predecessors have done, she has looked for ways to express its inner spirit"

Edward Lucie-Smith (London, 2012)
Foreword to forthcoming book about "Dancing Soul".