I like to exhibit my work in churches and monasteries because they are places that encourage us to contemplate the mysteries of life and see things more deeply. I identify with Paul Klee’s sense that powers beyond his own were at the heart of his creative process:

“Everything around me dissolves and interesting works emerge as if of their own accord. My hand is entirely the instrument of a distant sphere. It isnʼt my head that is working, but something else, something higher, something somewhere more remote. I must have great friends out there – obscure, but also brilliant – and theyʼre all very good to me.”

I create art to be felt, rather than understood. There’s no mystery. I merely hope to flood you in an ocean of enthusiasm and happiness because art is a great healer.

 I have wonderful memories of my exhibition ‘Estallido Solar’ at the Convento de Santo Domingo in Ronda where a great pianist friend performed at the opening, accompanied by a tremendous thunder storm. ’Camino de la Luz’ at the Bishop’s Palace in Granada where the ancient walls contrasted with the works in an extraordinary way – and ’Chemin Celeste’ in the Chapelle St Buc, Dinard, a hidden gemin Brittany.  The series ‘Via Cordis’ was shown at St Stephen Wallbrook, a Wren church in the City of London, a superb setting for the ‘Way of the Heart’.  My new series, ‘Camino de la Vida’, will be exhibited in the foothills of the Andes in northern Argentina in 2020.